Your portfolio is heavy on EVM chains, with Ada and Sol as the main chain hedges, and some high-risk Metaverse plays. Given your bets on the chains, why Ada and Sol as competitors long-term instead of Algorand, Atom, or even Tron/others?

Stacks has been building DeFi on BTC and lots of room to grow.

Why do you think those two Metaverse coins outperform various NFT infrastructure plays long-term?

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Apr 4, 2022Liked by Arbitrage Andy

Good stuff here Andy - one I added to my radar in the past yr that I've been accumulating is $CVX or Convex, the defi king of the Curve Wars. It's some gigabrain work and DAOs/protocols/orgs continue to accumulate it as well in the ETH alt world. There is a lot of good content around it on CT if you're interested in exploring it further. Keep up the good work!

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Solid list. Surprised to not find LUNA on there. Which seems to be an interesting project, especially with the pegged stable UST. Any particular reasons why LUNA didn't make the list?

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