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013 - Mass unrest in Australia, CIA Hit Squads, Stock Trading Hamsters


Monday - September 27th 2021


Hope everyone had a great weekend. This week in Exotic News we will explore some of the least covered news topics to emerge this week. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t seen or heard about these happenings, it is pretty obvious the powers that be have worked to make sure coverage is all but non existent. Bullish crypto through year end, not adding equities at the moment.


Pleased to say we have sold some NFTs from the Arbitrage Andy Kings of Finance NFT collection. So far Jerome sold for 0.25 WETH and so has Wolfi for 0.20 WETH. ETH (WETH) is a wrapped form of Ethereum which allowed ETH to be swap with other ERC-20 Tokens in decentralized exchange(DEX) like Uniswap.


Julian Assange is an Australian editor, former publisher, and activist who is the founder of Wikileaks, started in 2006. In 2010 Wikileaks became the subject of international scrutiny when they published a set of links provided by U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst Chelsea Manning. The leaks depicted several instances of collateral damage and sensitive content in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. The US Government launched a full criminal investigation into Wikileaks shortly after. Since 2010 Assange has been charged with a number of crimes including sexual misconduct (by Sweden) which was later dropped, violating the Bail Act in Ecuador, and with violating the espionage act of 1917, which was met with resounding condemnation from politicians on both sides of the aisle. Since 2010 things have escalated substantially. The trouble escalated when Assange allegedly leaked data linked to a sensitive CIA operation.

According to many different reports, then-director Mike Pompeo was apparently motivated to get even with Wikileaks following its publication some sensitive CIA hacking tools, which the agency found to be “the largest data loss in CIA history.” The intrigue over a potential Assange escape set off a wild scramble among rival spy services in London. American, British and Russian agencies, among others, stationed undercover operatives around the Ecuadorian Embassy. In the Russians’ case, it was to facilitate a breakout. For the U.S. and allied services, it was to block such an escape. “It was beyond comical,” said the former senior official. “It got to the point where every human being in a three-block radius was working for one of the intelligence services. (YN).

Pompeo and others “were completely detached from reality because they were so embarrassed about Vault 7,” according to a former Trump national security official, referring to the document dump. “They were seeing blood.” (Rolling Stone). Additional CIA plans allegedly included “extensive spying on WikiLeaks associates, sowing discord among the group’s members, and stealing their electronic devices.”

Some senior officials inside the CIA and the Trump administration even discussed killing Assange, going so far as to request “sketches” or “options” for how to assassinate him. Discussions over kidnapping or killing Assange occurred “at the highest levels” of the Trump administration, said a former senior counterintelligence official. “There seemed to be no boundaries.” (Yahoo News).

Assange is currently imprisoned in London as courts weigh a U.S. request to extradite him (Rolling Stone). I have a bit of a torn position on Assange/treason etc.


I have been seeing bits and pieces of how truly anarchic the situation has become, primarily through twitter. It is bewildering to me how little coverage the Covid 19. though I shouldn’t be surprised. The truth is the situation has escalated substantially in the last several weeks. I have seen alarming videos of police beating, curb-stomping, and liberally shooting civilians with rubber bullets at close ranges (that’s why you don’t give up your guns folks).

The unrest in Australia has been continuing for the last several months in response to growing COVID 19 requirements and restrictions, most recently mandating vaccines for construction workers. The Australian people appear to have had enough of the government overstep. On Monday, people gathered outside the headquarters of the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union to protest the mandates, chanting and yelling before attempting to storm the building (NPR)

Riot police deployed on the scene allegedly used rubber bullets and pepper spray to disperse crowds, the BBC reported, adding that the headquarters building was damaged and "several people" were arrested in the process. "Anger isn't going to make this pandemic end any quicker," Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews tweeted. "Acts of violence like we've seen in the city in the last two days isn't going to stop people ending up in ICU, or be any help to the nurses treating them. Literally only one thing will — getting vaccinated.” (NPR). Kind of freaky no?

This comes alongside the construction of designated Quarantine Camps (StOp ComParIng it To The HolOCaUst) Howard Springs and Mickleham. This isn’t a lie either, if you haven’t heard of these camps yet I suggest researching beyond CNN. Locals were assured the facility would follow the highest infection-control standards set by Howard Springs, with staff fully vaccinated and unable to work second jobs. Great guys, still completely and heinously absurd.

I urge to you to search the web for anecdotes and breaking information on the developing authoritarianism in Australia, because that’s exactly what it is and you won’t find much coverage anywhere else on it. Deeply Orwellian and DEEPLY disturbing, without a doubt. Shame they gave up their rifles. Don’t be naive enough to think the situation would never arise to merit full use of the second amendment. The last two years are a case study in those exact situations developing under the nose of everyday people.

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