What is ARB Letter?

First and foremost Arb Letter exits to make everyone better and sharper.

ARB Letter is a bi-weekly newsletter written by Arbitrage Andy. Arbitrage Andy is an original financial meme/media brand with large followings on Instagram, Twitter, and Substack that I have built by myself over the last 5 years.

My internet community includes bank CEOs, traders, bankers, salespeople, crypto pioneers, e-commerce savages, former soldiers, political pundits, and a large group of international finance and business professionals. Chiefly, my community is comprised of independent individuals who value free speech, ownership, hard work, grit, and critical thinking over the alarmism and woke nonsense of the modern age.

The brand has been featured in Business Insider, Financial Times, Dealbreaker, and HBO’s Industry. I have worked with numerous financial technology partners including Gemini, IEX, Round Investments, Odyssey, and many more.

Before Arb Letter I worked in both sales & trading and technology sales for 9 years. I have been involved in crypto investing since 2017.

Who should subscribe?

If you find yourself in the following categories, you should consider subscribing to Arb Letter.

  • Frustrated with modern news sources and commentary

  • Wanting to learn more about finance and markets in an easy way

  • Want actionable and straightforward life pointers

  • Appreciate knowing what’s actually going on in the world (no fluff or BS)

  • New to crypto, defi, and web3

  • You’re a driven, ambitious person who appreciates a similar community

  • You’re a seasoned professional looking for like minded thinkers

Why should I subscribe to ARB?

ARB is the simplest way to get up to speed on global news, financial markets, and my original commentary (not financial or life advice). Sitting at the digital and physical intersection of financial markets, global news, and social media in Manhattan New York for over 7 years, I have built an extensive technology based network of information, contacts, content, and market knowledge that you can access here in our exclusive and differentiated content offerings.

Arb Letter is table stakes macro and life commentary for 18,500+ traders, investors, and everyday people looking for an edge in the noise that is legacy and mainstream media.

I will help you become better by covering markets, news, and life in a straightforward and easy to understand way that doesn’t mince words. At Arb Letter we believe in the truth, even if it ruffles feathers. We don’t strive to be political, we strive to use common sense, critical thinking, and reason.

Just a few testimonials below.


Everything has transformed since the pandemic and technology has accelerated at an unprecedented rate. People will absolutely get left behind. Don’t be in that group. Cryptocurrencies, inflation, decentralization, remote work, building businesses, self reliance, autonomy, and navigating the evolving economic and social landscape, are more important than ever. Two groups will emerge in the coming years, haves and have nots.

Information is your best tool to get ahead.

Each week I release 1-2 premium posts for our paid subscribers that feature deep dives on financial markets, product reviews, education pieces, and more. We also release 1 free market and global news update each week for all free subscribers although most of our new subscribers choose to opt for the paid since it’s less than the cost of a Starbucks milkshake per month.

Check out our full archive of posts here if you’re still unsure.

Arb Letter is meant to be a guide for the new age so many young people face. I myself, am working to achieve my goals and life pursuits alongside you. I will document most of that journey here.


Again this is not official investment or life advice. It’s important to do your own research. Andy aims to help efficiently originate high level research & analysis early to help you stay on top of emerging trends and global events that drive markets and sentiment. Part of this is entertainment as well!

For more, check out the Arbitrage Andy (InstagramTwitter, Merch Store).

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Table stakes straightforward commentary on Financial Markets, Crypto, and Global News. Former college athlete, trader, and enterprise salesman.