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015 - Friday October 8th 2021


Tuesday October 5th 2021


Couple announcements on our end today - we have a Patagonia Vests giveaway in collaboration with IEX. Additionally we have a focused piece today on the importance of security and cold storage for crypto so anyone interested can learn the basics to keep their digital assets safe.

  • Futures climbed up after a pathetic monthly employment report showed the economic recovery remains uneven and uncertain, boosting expectations that Federal Reserve monetary policy may remain brrrrrring.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the transition to green energy and low investment in the extraction industries on Tuesday for what he said were "hysteria and some confusion" on European markets where energy prices are surging (Reuters)

  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission has approved Volt Equity's ETF, which looks to track companies that hold a majority of their net assets in bitcoin - can you say Q4 PAMP?



We joined forces with @IEX to giveaway two IEX embroidered Patagonia Vests. IEX Exchange is a stock exchange founded by Ronan Ryan & Brad Katsuyama, initially made famous on Wall Street in the book Flash Boys. Arbitrage Andy & IEX are committed to offering premier liquidity in bespoke vest markets. Flash Boys is the book that chronicles the founding of the IEX Exchange.

To enter the contest:

- Comment your size and tag two friends 

- Follow @IEX on Instagram 

IEX is hosting a live event next week as well that we have linked HERE. The panel will feature a range of Wall Street influencers and discuss the retail trading phenomenon.

Sign up here for the IEX Live Event next week


As crypto spreads in influence and adoption and more retail and everyday investors enter the market it pays to heed warnings on how to keep your digital assets secure and safe. In my experience the two best options and most recommended in the space for basic hardware wallets are Trezor and Nano Ledger, which you can buy from the websites, or on amazon. If you choose to buy on Amazon that’s fine but just be cautioned there have been tales of criminals and select people tampering with devices before people receive them. If you choose to go this route, which some people do, check the packaging and make sure it is original and unbroken.

Cold Storage/Hardware wallets allow for your Crypto to be stored offline and allows you to own the private keys. You may have heard the phrase not your keys not your coins, and this is the dynamic that refers to.

Protecting your crypto is an important part of getting into cryptocurrency markets. The hardware wallet/cold storage aspect of cryptocurrency investing can be daunting for first timers but its an essential step as you level up and have more on the line. Don’t keep more on an exchange than you are willing to lose to a hacker. While extremely rare, black swan and hack events do still occasionally happen. Mt. Gox is one of the more popular examples. Be smart.

Hardware/Cold Storage also displays a unique facet of the autonomous nature of cryptocurrencies and theme of self ownership of your money and property. Take ownership and protect your investments. I am not being paid by ledger or Trezor for this post, though I should likely try to originate an affiliate deal.

Secure Buying Options


Nano Ledger

Alternative Options - Always vet packages for tampering

Trezor on Amazon

Nano on Amazon (Sold by Nano)


There are many options for cold storage/hardware wallets but in my mind these are the two most popular options for beginners who are looking to add an extra layer of security to their crypto investments.

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